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Anycare GPS, established in April 2010, is an extension company of GR Telecom from Korea, which  specializing in easy-to-use, practical wireless solutions that combine advanced technology, telecommunications, and digital data for the protection and management of people, fleets of vehicles, container and assets.

Anycare GPS, goal is to allow the user a real-time access to its vehicle or fixed assets anywhere and  anytime. The system is a web-hosted application for complete fleet management and professional  services to insure successful deployment and on-going support. Thanks to the user friendliness of the system, it provides useful and effective solution, based on each  user’s settings and requirements.

In order to satisfy our various customers and improve our service,
Anycare GPS continuously developing  new software and system to match our customer needs.
With more than seven years of experience and expertise,
Anycare GPS distributes and sells its  products through more than twelve technology partners and independent dealers in over seven  countries. Thanks to that, Anycare GPS systems can provide prompt, precise tracking in every region and in any medium requested.


Anycare GPS development is always guided by the vision and mission that helps companies to stay  focused and achieve success.



Being a company with a strong financial position, the Market Leader for GPS in Indonesia, and become a  leading provider of fleet management services that are reliable and qualified.


Being a leading and reliable companies with competitive prices and superior quality and at the same  time continue to increase the brand equity of our products, and provide profitability return on  investment to our shareholders as well as added value for all stakeholders of the company.

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